KTM RC 200 2017 engine head issue

Totally pathetic service from KTM. My bike is having engine head issue as the valve clearance sound was coming after 2700 kms within just 2 months after getting my new bike. So after visiting service centre here in Goa they changed engine head which came after 20 days from ordering the part. Although the box was sealed but there were no engine head internal parts inside, it was just the outer casing, i knew this because I personally been in service centre the whole day. So they refitted the new head with same old parts i.e. all the 4 valves and camshafts from the old faulty head.
And so the issue is still there, as the valve clearance sound is still coming, loss of power, bike jerking and unstable RPM after which the bike stalls.
So I think they cheated with me. It’s so unfair that they are fooling around with customers like this.
And I strongly think that KTM should do something about this.

I am always follow the issues in KTM engine.