Jeep to launch Wrangler, Grand Cherokee Petrol in November

Jeep recently launched its SUV lineup in India, starting with a price tag of INR 71.59 lakh for its Wrangler Unlimited model. The brand has planned to expand its lineup by adding petrol versions for its Wrangler and Grand Cherokee by November. The cars are currently powered by 2.8 L and 3.0 L diesel engines.

The new offering will include a 3.6 L V6, VVT petrol engine under both the hoods while the stage of tune will be different for both the cars. The Wrangler Unlimited will produce 285 HP while the Grand Cherokee will produce 295 HP. Both the cars will produce 353 Nm of torque while the gearboxes will remain the same as the ones used on the diesel cars.

Introduction of petrol engines can bring the overall cost of the cars to a lower value, allowing more customers to add a Jeep in their list of cars. The diesel prices were far away from the expected values while the same for the petrol canot be said yet.

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