Innovation Unleashed: Motorcycle That Goes 148 Kilometers on 1 Liter Hydrogen Gas

Students from RVS School of Engineering and Technology have got themselves into a different project than most of their colleagues. They worked on an alternate, environment friendly and cheap fuel for daily motorcycling. It led to the discovery of this hydrogen powered bike which deliver 148 kilometers per every liter of hydrogen being supplied to it.

The motorcycle showed no loss of power, harm to the engine or any kind of other problem during their testing. It took just INR 7,000 for fitting every part required on the motorcycle. R. Balaji, Gowthem Raj, Jerry George and Kalid Ibrahim, along with their assistant professor P. Lakshmanan made this impossible sounding thing practical for the masses. This reduces emissions and can be fitted to any type of engine whether being a petrol diesel or LPG unit.