India’s First Superlite Buggy Made From A Honda CBR929RR Engine

Demotic Media Services LLP decided to collaborate with Pune-based ex-motocross racer Sanjay Gondkar to showcase his 5-year-long project. Sanjay has been involved with motoring for more than two decades, in different capacities. He started off with racing motocross, and moved to racing at events such as the Desert Storm where he won in 2012. Since his victory at the event, Sanjay wanted to build a machine that could transition him from two wheels to four. For this particular reason, he started to research on the kind of off-road recreational vehicles people have built across the world and came across a platform called as Superlite buggies.

Superlite buggies are machines that have a custom made chassis, mated to a motorcycle engine and drivetrain. This results in an extremely light machine that weighs in the range of 400-450kg. For the engine, Sanjay chose a Honda CBR929RR engine that produces about 150 horsepower, which when combined with a lightweight chassis provides optimal power to weight ratio that results in a competition-worthy machine.

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