I want New Bajaj Pulsar NS200, when will it come back in stock?

Why has Bajaj discontinued the Pulsar NS200? I don’t like the Pulsar AS200!

The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is said to be discontinued permanently from the lineup after the festive season. You can confirm for the availability now only as it may be available currently at a Bajaj showroom. The automaker is truly focusing on the new AS200, which comes at the same price tag and carries additional features like projector headlamp, a better windshield and a better suspension. The engine performance has also been refined as Bajaj learns a lot through the premium products like RS200. The bike comes with the same underpinnings as the AS200 and initially its production was halted for the growth of both AS200 and AS150. If lucky enough to find one, you can pay INR 91,553 for the NS200.

Do you agree that Bajaj has made a mistake by discontinuing Pulsar NS200?

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