Hyundai Drops Handling Charges, Thanks To Hyderabad Techie

Hyundai lost out to a 2 year long legal battle to a Hyderabad based customer who was a techie. Ratan Grandhi, an employee of Infosys had bought Hyundai Xcent on December 27, 2014.

After paying the invoice cost of the car, the Infosys employee had a to pay handling charges of INR 6,950. Ratan Grandhi made a query with the authorities asking why the customer had to pay handling charges even after full payment of invoice amount, he was told that the charges were mandatory. The company explained that the handling charges included fuel and labour costs.

Ratan tried to get the issue to Hyundai authorities but on getting no satisfactory replies and exclaimed “When I continued sending these emails seeking justice, they got defensive and replied claiming they were not insisting that showroom authorities charge any additional amount for handling,”

As a remedy the customer lodged a complaint with the JTC ( Joint Transport Commissioner ). The matter was taken to the Central Zone Road Transport Officer (R.T.O), G.P.N Prasad excalimed “When we discovered that handling charges are actually illegal, we warned all the showrooms. We have suspended licenses of two showrooms for similar practices”

As a result Ratan Grandhi got the INR 6,950 along with 3000 registration charges above invoice refunded. The company also will be dropping the handling charges across the country as a result of the judgement.