How can I buy a Yamaha Ray Z through loan?

Yamaha Ray Z, guide me to buy this cute bike through loan, what are the formalities and how much less can be down payment for this

Buying Yamaha Ray Z through loan would not be a difficult job as you can contact the dealer and ask for the quotation regarding the loan cost. It will include a one time processing charge, rate of interest for selected number of months, minimum 15 percent down payment cost and the cost of registration. You can opt out of the optional accessories to save on the initial cost and get them fitted afterwards for the same price.

The down payment would be nearly INR 7,500-8,000 and the processing fee varies from bank to bank or the loan providing authority. Interest rates are mostly between 12-14 percent and your registration costs will be paid in advance. This makes the total starting amount to be around INR 15,000 and you can get an option for loan upto 3 years.

Astral Blue is my personal favorite out of the four available shades of the Yamaha Ray Z and you can even choose the Regal Red as it comes out to be equally bright. It comes with an ex-showroom price of INR 48,936(New Delhi).