Honda Navi touches INR 50,000 on road; gets over 900 bookings

The Honda Navi was launched at ex-showroom price INR 39,500 at the Auto Expo, however potential buyers will need to shell out an extra INR 10,000 before they can ride the bike home.

The road tax and insurance bumps the price upto INR 46,600. Besides this, Honda charges an extra INR 5000 for even the most basic accessories such as number plates, a side stand and a leg gaurd. Charging an extra 5,000 for essential items and terming them as accessories cannot be called a smart move on Honda’s part.

We can expect the prices of the special edition Navi Street, Navi Adventure and Navi Off-Road to cross over 60,000 on-road.

However, the Honda Navi has recieved over 900 bookings (till march 3) and over 15,000 installs on their online application.

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