Hero Moto Corp Offers Heavy Discounts On BS3 Bikes Ending This Month

The Indian two wheeler market has caught quite a buzz with heavy discounts on two wheelers of all the major brands. The heavy discounts ending this March are a reult of the new emission norms made available by the Government ending sales of BS3 compliant engine bikes and replacing them with BS4 compliant products.

Hero Moto Corp is also offering many such discounts as a stock clearance strategy. The list of lucrative discounts has been listed as follows

Hero Bikes – Rs 5,000
Hero Maestro Edge – Rs 12,500
Hero Duet – 12,500
Hero Super Splendor – Rs 12,500
Hero Glamour – Rs 12,500
Hero Pleasure – Rs 14,000

Out of these Hero Mastro is a best seller with a discount of INR 12,500 with Hero Pleasure with the maximum INR 14,000 discount.

Disclaimer: All these prices are from various dealers and may vary with the availability of stock with the dealer. It may not be possible for a brand to offer the same level of discount across India as many cities seems to have sold the older BS3 stock. It is advised to contact your nearest dealer or even a couple of dealers if maximum benefit from the deal is expected. Please see that are documentation is done legally in a proper manner.