Help me decide between Yamaha R15S and Suzuki Gixxer SF

Hello riders ! I am going to purchase a bike in the next month ! I have zeroed in on Yamaha R15 S and the Suzuki Gixxer SF ! I am having a tough time deciding between the two bikes ! I need your opinion on the two bikes… Gixxer is 30k less than the R15 but i need to know if that extra bucks is really worth it in the R15 ? Thanks and cheers :smile:

Yamaha R15S is definitely worth the extra INR 30,000 as it gets a lot more features on its comparison list. Starting from the power values, Yamaha R15S gets 1.76 BHP and 0.6 NM more values than the Gixxer SF. Also, it comes with a 5 kg lighter body weight and a 6-speed transmission, all resulting in better acceleration and top speed than the Gixxer SF.

The handling part of the R15S also clearly wins as it gets more accurate, sharp and stable riding with its race inspired Deltabox frame. The rear disc brake helps it with the braking power and controls the bike much easily while sudden braking when compared to the Gixxer. Engine comes with fuel injection and liquid cooling in the R15S, which further effects performance and ride quality. The twin headlight design is the best in class design and resembles a perfect track bike for the Indian roads.

The Gixxer SF is no doubt a tough competitor to every 150 cc bike of India. Its price range and body design are the most effective features of a bike in that segment but R15 gets an advantage of being the member of Yamaha R series and performs excellently perfect for a sport bike of its size.

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