Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle to be Launched by 2020

Harley-Davidson which is known for manufacture of high displacement cruiser motorcycles will now be launching its first electric motorcycle by 2020. The company had showcased its Project the LiveWire sometime back and also collected feedback from users by promoting its prototype. But now it has finally announced that the company’s first electric motorcycle will hit the market within next five years.

The concept of electric two-wheelers is mostly restricted to Japanese auto brands. According to the announcement by senior vice president of Harley-Davidson Sean Cummings the electric bike by the company will be out in another five years. For now, the rivals Victory Motorcycles is also planning to come out with its electric bikes. When the Victory brand acquired the Brammo’s electric motorcycle business they had announced the making of a new electric motorcycle. The company had been actively participating in events like Pikes Peak International Hill Comb and has even applied for the trademark of their charger by the name “Victory Charger” to give a hint of their new work.

However, Harley-Davidson will not begin with production of the bike before the production cost comes to $50,000 which is nearly 33.4 lakh INR. Another bottleneck faced by the American bikemaker is the range of the battery which stands at 80km and they want to double it before the bike hits production. The Harley-Davidson’s electric bike would have a three-phase induction motor capable enough to produce 75PS of power and 71Nm of torque.

Will the existing clientele of Harley-Davidson open up for the new electric bike remains a mystery till its launch.

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