Getting Driving License now requires Aadhar Card

Central government has issued a notification regarding the requirement of Aadhar Card while applying for a driving license. The same applies to those who will apply for the renewal of their present driving license. The basic reason for the sale is to eradicate the multiple driving licenses that have been a cause of headache for authorities.

This practice has been in our country from many years and causes a lot of trouble in the working of the system. When everyone has a single license enforcing traffic regulations would be much easier than before. This way, all of the license numbers would be available to the RTO authorities ad they could check whether the same person carries one from a different Indian state.

Linking everything to Aadhar can even help the government create an interlinked system. If someone is caught doing something wrong, they can simply log his Aadhar number and check his bank statement, tax payment, RTO details and other services (for ex healthcare) that are planned to be brought into a single helpful place.