Ford reveals the New Ecoblue Diesel Engine

Ford has come out with an environment friendly EcoBlue advanced diesel engine which releases lesser CO2 and NOX emissions, and offers an improved mileage. The engine has been built on the same performance and technology as the Ford EcoBoost petrol engine. Ford plans to power tis futurer cars with the Ecoblue engine which displace power output between 98 to 237 horses.

The EcoBlue engine will be first seen in the new Transit and Transit custom vans. The EcoBlue engine produces 20% more torque than the current diesel rigs, and will also produce lesser noise.

In India, as of now, we only get the 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine which can be seen on the Trend+ and Titanium+ variants of the EcoSport. The introduction of the Ecoblue engine will help drivers drive better in traffic, and overtake slow-moving vehicles better.

Commenting on the Ecoblue engine, Jim Farley, chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe said: “Ford’s EcoBoost created a new standard for petrol engines – smaller, more efficient with surprising performance. That same obsession to innovate for the customer is behind our new Ford EcoBlue diesel engine range. This new engine lifts fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 by over 10 percent in Transit, part of Europe’s bestselling commercial vehicle line-up, lowering costs for our customers.”

The Ecoblue engine features an inbuilt intake system equipped with mirror-image porting for efficient engine breathing, a low-inertia turbocharger fitted with rocket engine materials for high temperature applications, a high pressure fuel injection system, and more refined fuel delivery process.

Initially the Ecoblue engine will be available for commercial vehicles in the 104 bhp, 128 bhp and 168 bhp variants. Later, the engine will also feature in passenger cars. A 1.5 liter EcoBlue engine is also under development.