Floyd Mayweather is first customer for Kode57 Roadster

Former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather will be the first customer to spend $ 2.5 million and buy this really exotic machine designed by Ken Okuyama. Kode57 was revealed at Quail Motorsports Gathering and only 5 units of this exclusive car would be ever made.

The project has been under work from last 6 years and even the dealer responsible for Floyd Mayweather’s car buying process is highly excited about this project. He says that Mayweather is the best customer for this limited production car as his taste for expensive yet rare supercars can be fulfilled by the Kode57.

The open top Kode57 is good for 611 HP and 607 Nm of torque from its 6.0 L, V12. The best part is that it comes mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox.