Feasibility Crisis: IIT Topper to Return Gifted BMW

The news of an IIT topper getting a BMW 1 series from his institute may have brought hopes in many to join the same course and excel in life but the ground reality feels very different from the stardom section. The family of the topper is experiencing feasibility issues with the car and wish to return the same to the institution.

Tanmaya, who is currently studying in IIT Bombay is willing to accept a laptop in place as he feels the need of a laptop more than the car. His father says that its the choice of the institute that if they are willing to pay in cash for the car or can buy the student with anything he wants for the exchange.

This is not the first case as Olympic Gymnast Dipa Karmakar also wished the gifted BMW to be exchanged with the equivalent cash due to unavoidable costs and poor road conditions in her village. Gifting such premium products is a good gesture but not looking at the feasibility is a bad thing for most middle class families of India.