Father-son duo flee with Mercedez-Benz on test drive, arrested

As per a report by Times of India, a father-son duo stole a Mercedes-Benz in Delhi on May 6th on pretext of taking the car for a test drive. The duo who have been identified as Anil Anand (54) and Sahil Anand (23) residing in Gurgaon were on a test drive of Mercedes-Benz model priced Rs 40 lakh.

They both met the sales manager at T & T Motors Deepak Kumar in Rajouri Garden. According to him, the accused met him to buy a vehicle and went for a test drive. He even said that the accused were accompanied by some unidentified person . Initially, Kumar waited for few hours and then asked his team to track the car. But when the authorities also failed to find out the car then he had to file a complaint of the theft.

Following this, on Monday, the authorities received some information that the accused would pass somewhere from Gurgaon in the stolen vehicle. So, a plan was made to find the accused and the two were found inside the stolen car but with a changed registration plate. They both were later arrested. But why did the sales manager not accompany the duo on the test drive is something that has surprised everyone and still remains unanswered.

A similar theft also occurred recently in Chennai where a gang of thieves stole 7 brand new units of the Hyundai Creta. The five of the seven vehicles were recovered soon and the rest two were still being searched for.