Facing Problems with my Yamaha FAZER Fi

I’ve Yamaha Fazer Fi since 20/9/15, but i’m facing some problem with it. i don’t know that are really a problem or this types of problem happens with any new motorcycle.

  1. After delivery my bike i refueling it full tank, then i ride my bike almost 60-65 km and then 1 fuel gauge light off. it’s ok but in next day when i going to start my bike that fuel gauge light showing on, this problem happens till almost 100 km. After that 1st fuel gauge not showing on and next one start with same problem. That’s why i cann’t calculate my bike’s mileage.
  2. disc sound comes from front wheel(dealer said that it is normal).

Yamaha Fazer gets a digital fuel gauge and relying on it for mileage calculation would not be a correct option. The problem has been in the older Yamaha Fazer and FZ models also. Calculation of mileage can be done the other way as when you get your tank full, please note down the odometer reading. Drive it in your style for the time and read the odometer whenever the reserve is required. Subtract the reserve value of the bike from 12 liters and divide the same with the reading. This would be more accurate than the estimate on the digital gauge. You can ask for the replacement of the fuel gauge if you feel uncomfortable with the same.

The second problem will be solved at the time of your first inspection as they will adjust the brake settings and other settings as per your requirements. You have the right to ask and get the problem checked as nothing unusual is normal for a dedicated biker.

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