Exotic Number Plates You Rarely Get to See on Indian Roads

Since Indian laws don’t allow personalized number plates like in the US, it is rare that we get to see cars with exotic numbers.

So we decided to compile a list of six funny, exotic and bizarre number plates seen on Indian roads!

6. I don’t give a Dam…

The driver of this Audi Q5 definitely doesn’t give a damn…

The car was spotting racing through the VVIP lanes of Chanakyapuri

5. The Hummer H1

This Hummer H1 carries the number plate - MH 48 H1

4. Like a Boss

Ajay’s car from the Telugu film Arya 2…

Strouting like a boss!

3. Hey Ram…

There’ no dearth of religious fanatics in India.

And it seems like this guy as finally found a way to write god’s name on his numberplate!

214 resembles Ram in hindi

2. Blue Numberplates

Cars with white text on blue plates belong to foreign consulates in India. These cars enjoy diplomatic immunity in India.

Picture credits - Team-BHP

1. Jodhpur 1 to Jodhpur 37

The Maharaja of Jodhpur tops this list.

He has 37 exotic cars registered with 37 exotic numbers!

Jodhpur 1

Jodhpur 5

Jodhpur 34

The Maharaja’s family owns the entire set of numbers from Jodhpur 1 to Jodhpur 37.

I bet it feels great to have your cars registered in the name of the place your family was once ruling!