Elon Musk reveals Tesla's future plans in his blog post

The CEO and serial entrepreneur of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has described the future plans for the American electric car manufacturer in his detailed blog post. Along with the future plans he has also mentioned about the milestones he expects Tesla to achieve in the coming 10 years.
Musk states that the first master plan started with company’s inception 10 years ago and is now completed. That’s why he has started with future plans of the company. In his words it is the, “Master Plan, Part Deux”.

Here are the main points from his blog post:

Expanding product portfolio

Model 3 priced at USD 35,000 (around Rs. 22 lakh) is the most affordable Tesla car ever produced. CEO Elon Musk has also specified that they won’t be launching any product below the Model 3 in the near future. But the company now plans to expand its portfolio to various segments. Currently, Tesla is working on a Compact SUV and a pickup truck for which the launch deadlines haven’t been made public.

Fully-autonomous Driving

Tesla plans to introduce fully-autonomous driving in its cars soon. The autopilot features simply requires a destination to be punched in and the car will automatically take the rider to the destination. This will help customers to summon their distantly parked Teslas without any human interference.

Merger with SolarCity

Musk wrote that Tesla Motors was formed with an aim to provide sustainable energy solutions globally. Musk is also a co-founder and major investor in the American company, SolarCity, which supplies solar power systems for homes and industries. Tesla had pitched Rs. 23,500 crore to acquire SolarCity last month. According to Musk’s blog post the companies will soon be working under the same umbrella. This will help both companies achieve their ultimate goal of integrated energy generation and storage.

Venture into Commercial Vehicles space

Elon Musk has also mentioned in his blog Tesla’s plans to enter into the commercial vehicle space. For now work is going on heavy-duty trucks and high passenger density urban transports (buses) which are in early stages of development. Musk says that new commercial vehicles from Tesla will not only lead to reduction in cost of cargo transportation but also make it safe and fun to operate.

Tesla shared fleet through Tesla car app

This is another remarkable feature talked about by Elon Musk which includes possibility of earning revenue from one’s own car while not in use. This needs approval for autonomous driving by the concerned regulatory authorities of the region. This will allow customers to add their Tesla car to the company’s shared fleet through the Tesla car app. So, the customers’ vehicle will then be able to operate as a fleet car and earn revenue for him. According to Musk this can also help decrease the overall cost of ownership of the Tesla car.

Source: Tesla Blog