Ekso Vest Testing Begins at BMW Spartanburg factory

BMW has started testing the Ekso Vest, a backpack style device which can help in the reduction of fatigue and improves the body posture of an employee. The same comes from Ekso Bionics, a Richmond based firm dealing in robotics. The vest reduces muscle fatigue while like most sci-fi movies, it is not powered by an external source and does not make things feel weightless when working with it.

A total of 30 people have tried the new vest and felt satisfied with their new routine. They also felt that it can help in boosting the productivity of a person. It also increases job satisfaction while BMW believes that every person can have a vest of their own to have no health issues at all.

The company behind the vest says that they are willing to work on a powered exoskeleton system for the coming time. it can help humans in many ways and make things easy with lesser effort for more weights and difficult tasks. Ekso Vest keeps the back straight and end up the problems of regular employees with long working hours.