Ducati's Electric Motorcycle for Kids

Ducati’s has found a new way to attract kids right from their childhood to become big Ducati lovers as they grow old. Now even a 1 year old toddler can enjoy the luxurious ride of Ducati. Yes, you read that right. A motorcycle powered with dual 25W motors, single speed and a 6V/4.5Ah battery is a perfect ride for kids. This mini Ducati has a top speed of 1.6 mph (2.7 km/h) and can be bought at just €79.70 ($91).

Desmosedici Rider 6V is another bike meant for kids aged 2 and above. It is a three-wheeler with 50W motor, a similar battery package. Its top speed is 2.4 mph (3.9 km/h) and costs €141.20 ($161). For kids aged 3 and above, there is Ducati Hypermotard 12V with just two wheels. It is perfect to make your child learn to ride as it has removable training wheels. It has 2WD and dual 165W motors which are powered by a 12V/8Ah sealed lead maintenance-free battery. This bike has a proper twisting throttle along with an independent mechanical drum brake. It has two gears and has a top speed of 4.7 mph (7.6 km/h) at a cost of €337.80 ($384).

The Desmosedici GP 12V comes with motors, battery, USD forks and is meant for kids aged 3 and above. It is a toy version of Dovizioso’s MotoGP.