Donald Trump Directs GM to Produce Locally or Pay Border Tax

Donald Trump recently threatened General Motors to make Chevrolet Cruze either in the US or pay a high border tax for every car being imported to the country. The typical tweet was like a warning for companies to produce their products in the US itself or pay taxes in order to bring foreign manufactured products to America. The result was clean as GM has canceled its plan of investing at the Mexico plant and further increase the production at Ohio plant in US.

GM also commented that they are selling the sedan version of Cruze that is made in US itself while only about 4500 units of the hatchback version was imported last year. The facility at Ohio is not made for the hatchback version and they would not be able to change all of the plans for just few units from the 172000 units sold last year. They have agrees to increase the production of Cruze in the US and would not import cars from Mexico in the present year.

The free trade agreement between the American continent facilitates these huge brands which produce the product in Mexico under cheaper labor and lower expenses, selling the same in US at a bigger price. The money saved from these taxes is what Donald Trump wants to bring back to the US market. Not just that, he is even against many government policies, out of which people can be seen protesting all around the American continent.

The new Chevrolet Cruze is a decent seller in the small car segment of US. It would soon be brought to India, rivaling the recently introduced Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia in the Indian market. It carries modern lines that were missing from the curvy last generation car. Chevrolet is even offering huge discounts on its 2015 Cruze in order to clear the inventory from the country. It may use the updated version of its 2.0 liter diesel motor for India.

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