Diesel Vehicles Older Than 10 Years Banned in Kerala

Owing to the rising pollution levels, National Green Tribunal which has opened a special circuit branch in Kochi has announced a ban on diesel vehicles older than 10 years. Car drivers have been given a 30 day relief period, after which all diesel vehicles older than 10 years, if found on the road, will be fined INR 5,000 as environment tax. Further, registration of vehicles over 2000cc has also been banned.

The petition also requests a reduction in the number of buses and trucks. The rule will apply to Kerala cities including Trivandrum, Kothamangalam, Thrissur and Kozhikode.

Just two weeks ago, the Supreme court had extened the same ban in Delhi. Car makers are at a loss, major players such a Mahindra, Audi, BMW etc are impacted by this rule.