Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's View on Diesel Ban

While many of us have a clear image about the diesel ban spree by NGT, people may also think their decision to be right for the overall health of a city. Let’s be clear on the fact that diesel is not the sole culprit in the increase of pollution in metro cities. All those news out there have brought it into the limelight and hence, Delhi faces a ban of cars with engines above 2000 cc.

Here, the government is not wrong at all as they are continuously asking NGT to remove this ban as it is also being counted as a wrong practice in the trading system of the country. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar believes that the ban is baseless and the illogical activity should be moved away from Delhi. A car has to pass all the validations before manufacturing and if after all that money invested, you ask a company to not sell that vehicle, it wont be actually good for both the brand and the economy.

Petrol cars with even V12 engines are allowed to be sold in the same region and no one sees those small on paper 1999 cc engines which pollute as much as a car with 2001 cc engine. But the first one wins and second one faces the harsh results of the decision.

The move is actually against the rights of all those brands who wish to sell their certified cars in a given region. Bigger players like Mercedes, BMW and Audi will shift up their plans and so will be the case with Toyota and Tata. Its better to put strict pollution check centers and do not allow those cars to be on road which fails that test rather than passing the old cars without any question and restricting the new ones to be sold.