Dealer Level Conversion from Suzuki Gixxer 155 to Gixxer SF in INR 15,000

Suzuki dealers are offering an under warranty conversion of Gixxer 155 models into Gixxer SF models for a price of INR 15,000. Actually, not all dealers are encouraging the riders to go this way, they will work it according to the owner’s wish.

The best part of the deal is that it covers the motorcycle warranty and does not count the same in illegal modification. It even comes with color options other than standard Gixxer SF colors by painting the fairing into the required shade. If your Gixxer is Triton Metallic Blue, Black or Pearl White, the job can be finished in around INR 10,000-13,000 whereas painting the spares can take the price up to INR 15,000.

The process saves the cost of replacing the motorcycle for buying a new Gixxer SF and dealers claim that they will make the naked street fighter look exactly the same as the stock Gixxer SF.

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