Complete Lineup: 2016 Royal Enfield Bikes in India

Royal Enfield has brought itself back from the ashes with its bunch of new products and currently stands as one of the best growing brands of India. The sales have doubled and they now have a long list of motorcycles under their name. After discontinuing the least selling variants and shades, the complete list of Royal Enfield motorcycles in India in 2016 is given below.

  • Bullet

The most iconic figure from the bike maker, Bullet has served as the sole savior of the brand from many decades. It looks nearly the same from last 50 years and carries the vintage aroma in it’s newly developed UCE framework. It is available in 3 different variants named Bullet 350, Bullet Electra and Bullet 500.

*Bullet 350 in Black shade

The Bullet 350 is available only in Black shade and carries the 346 cc engine producing 19.8 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. The Electra offers the same engine with a shade option between Silver, Black, Maroon and Blue.

*Electra in Blue shade

The senior Bullet 500 comes in Marsh Grey, Forest Green and Black. It uses a 499 cc, carburetor fed engine producing 26.1 BHP and 40.9 Nm of torque.

* Bullet 500 Marsh Grey

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  • Classic

The Classic series of Royal Enfields are differentiated by the same 350 cc and 500 cc engines. They are offered as Classic 350, Classic 500, Classic Chrome, Classic Desert Storm and Classic Squadron Blue. The 350 is powered by the same engine whereas the 500 cc Classic uses fuel injected 499 cc engine producing 27.2 BHP and 41.3 Nm of torque.

* Classic 350 in Chestnut shade

The Classic 350 is offered in Mint, Ash, Lagoon, Black, Chestnut and Silver shade. The bigger 500 cc Classic comes in Black, Tan and Silver with a signature stripe on its body. The other 3 are exclusive and carry their shade definition in their name.

* Classic 500 Silver

* Classic Chrome

* Classic Desert Storm

* Classic Squadron Blue

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  • Thunderbird

The favorite highway cruiser of all time, Thunderbird is again available with two engine options and power values are identical to the Classic series. Thunderbird series is available in Marine, Asphalt, Flickr, Lightening and Stone for both the engine options.

* Thunderbird 350 in Stone shade

*Thunderbird 500 in Marine shade

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  • Himalayan

The newcomer from Royal Enfield carries a different approach as it is the only one of it’s kind in India. It carries a newly developed 411 cc engine producing 24.5 BHP and 32 Nm of torque. It uses the same 5-speed gearbox and comes with a large 21 inch front wheel. It is available in White and Black shade currently.

*Himalayan in White shade

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  • Continental GT

Available in GT Black, GT Red and GT Green, the Continental GT is an excellent example of traditional cafe racer with an effective price tag. It uses a 535 cc engine producing 29.1 BHP and 44 Nm of torque. It is the most powerful Royal Enfield in the current lineup.

*Continental GT Red

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Being a potential Royal Enfield rider, you can choose your bike according to your built, preference and the budget constraint. Here is a list of all the motorcycles, arranged according to the increasing prices to the bottom. All prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

  • Bullet 350 - INR 1,07,000
  • Bullet Electra - INR 1,21,000
  • Classic 350 - INR 1,29,000
  • Thunderbird 350 - INR 1,41,000
  • Bullet 500 - INR 1,55,000
  • Himalayan - INR 1,55,500
  • Classic 500 - INR 1,65,000
  • Classic Desert Storm - INR 1,68,000
  • Classic Squadron Blue - INR 1,69,000
  • Classic Chrome - INR 1,75,000
  • Thunderbird 500 - INR 1,79,000
  • Continental GT - INR 1,98,000

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