Chicago: Lamborghini Huracan sliced in half due to crash; driver rescued seconds before the supercar bursts into flames

Last Saturday evening around 5 pm , a matte black Lamborghini was struck by another vehicle which led to its crash. The incident took place at the intersection near Grant Park in Chicago. It was hit so badly that it was literally sent flying into a light pole on the side-walk.

Although most super cars are engineered with mid-mounted engines that separates the inflammable engine from the cockpit/passenger cell as part of the precautionary measure. However, the forceful hit led the ill-fated Huracan split into two and unexpectedly the cockpit turned into a raging inferno moments.

However, the driver got lucky to be saved by a small group of rescuers nearby who drew him out seconds before the explosion. The driver was concious when taken to the ambulance but there are no reports about his present condition for now.