Buying Pulsar 135LS

I am getting a really negative response. Is it worth of buying or not?

The Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is a good bike when compared in its own segment but the pricing of the Pulsar makes it into a category of entry level 150 cc bikes. You should consider going for the Yamaha SZ-RR version 2.0 as the Pulsar 135 has lost its fame and does not provide the quality of riding as you keep on reaching higher speeds.

Even Bajaj has halted its advertisement operations as most focus has been kept on the bigger Pulsars. 135 LS costs INR 63,549 (ex-showroom Delhi) whereas the much more refined SZ-RR version 2.0 comes with an INR 66,064 price tag. SZ-RR gets better styling, bigger engine, better mileage and an overall excellent built quality. The 149 cc motor of SZ-RR producing 12.8 NM is a better option over the 134.66 cc, 11.4 NM motor of the Pulsar.

The power generation of the Yamaha SZ-RR occurs at lower rpm’s, making it great for city riding. The disc brake is bigger on the SZ-RR version 2.0 and so is its fuel tank. Rest of the values like ground clearance and seat height are same on both the bikes. SZ-RR version 2.0 is the best deal in the price segment of Pulsar 135LS.