Brand new Datsun Redi-Go catches fire; no loss of life

The cousin of the very popular Renault Kwid, Datsun Redi-Go was all caught up in fire in Mumbai on the Western Express Highway. The images completely depict the fully burnt front portion so badly that many parts are not even visible.

Although there are no reports on how the car caught fire but images reveal that the fire broke out from the car’s engine. But a closer look also shows the fire around the rear window. The image also shows that the Redi-Go is an unregistered vehicle running on a temporary number. The good news is that fortunately no loss of life has been reported in the incident.

Built and manufactured on the same platform and plant as Renault Kwid, Datsun Redi-Go shares a plenty of parts from Kwid. Datsun Redi-Go is priced around Rs. 2.5 lakh and has gained much popularity in a short spam of time. But such incidents put a big question on its safety and security.

Nissan / Datsun will have to look into the matter seriously to make sure its customers don’t lose faith in them.

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