BMW Motorcycles To Come With Auto SOS System

In order to provide better safety to riders, BMW plans to introduce an AUTO SOS system in their motorcycles. Initially, it will be introduced in Germany, followed by rest of Europe later.

Lots of lives are lost because emergency services are not contacted spontaneously, so in order to instantly inform the respective authorities in case of an accident, BMW has come up with an intelligent emergency call system

BMW vehicles already come with an ecall feature in Germany which sends a call to emergency services, along with the vehioles’s location when an accident occurs.

For bikes, a similar feature will be used. Its AI will be able to distinguish between an accident and a stand-still. In case of a serious accident, a call will automatically be placed to the emergency services, and displayed on the bikes instrument cluster. A loud signal will be also be played to alert nearby people. In case of minor accident, the rider will have an option to disconnect the call to emergency services.

The AUTO SOS system is already under trail. When released, it is expected to bring down rider deaths by a significant number.