BMW Imports 7-Series with 1.99 L Diesel Engine for Testing in India

BMW recently felt the need of bringing in the 7-Series with a small diesel motor in India as the ban of cars with 2000+ cc diesel engines will today unfortunately completes 6 months in Delhi. The same ban in Kerala and other planned 11 cities can bring the sales of many car manufacturers down by a large margin. Fearing the situation and taking some precautions, many have moved into new segments with smaller engines in big sized cars.

BMW 725d would be placed as the new base variant for the car costing upwards of INR 1.14 Crore. The same engine when used in BMW 5-Series costs INR 54 lakh while the bigger engine from the 7-series under the 5-series M-Sport hood costs INR 62 lakh. This means the Crore tag may not get removed from the car even after such drastic downsizing on the flagship product.

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