BMW Concept Stunt G 310 (TVS-BMW K03) Unleashed

BMW Motorrad has unveiled a totally different concept this time. The big bike maker has marked its entry into a single cylinder lightweight concept stunt machine, named as Stunt G 310. The newcomer proves all its skills through the host of features available on it.

The engine on the Concept Stunt G 310 is a single cylinder 310 cc unit, hinting toward the use of the same motor as TVS-BMW K03. The host of features which differ from an everyday bike includes an oversized rear disc for easy maneuvering and effective braking while performing certain stunts. The exhaust cylinder has been oddly placed in vertical direction and BMW claims it to be safe in case of damages due to crash.

It gets a lockable throttle as its not always possible to place your hands on the handlebar while stunting. The clutch lever gets an extra addition of a brake lever in case braking with the foot is not a possibility for the rider. For more safety additions, it gets crash bars, stunt tail and axel pegs. This comes as the first try from BMW in the lightweight sport section and carrying the same sort of colors may make the bike a popular machine among youngsters.

The most effective thing out of all is the focus on the India bound K03, which should be more or less same as the underpinnings of the Stunt G 310. We won’t get the vertical exhaust and it’s not required for the Indian roads but getting a sharp and effective bike by BMW-TVS alliance would make the fans go crazy for the same.

Source - BMW Concept Stunt G 310 Hints at 300cc Models to Come - Asphalt & Rubber