Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Production Halted

The sales chart of the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 has always been going down since the first slot of the bikes were sold in its initial times. The motorcycle carries a commanding design and even uses the most tech loaded engine in the Bajaj lineup. Even after all this, the motorcycle fails to generate a good amount of sale for itself.

The first and the most important reason is it’s price. The bike offers single channel ABS but the price difference in the non-ABS and ABS variant is more favorable for dual channel. The motorcycle may feel overpriced at some points as the Pulsar 220F can be bought for something below 1 lakh and performs very well even after being carburetor fed and oil cooled.

The other reasons include the presence of Yamaha R15, an excellent product with less power but super effective dynamics and AS200, a homegrown product with a bit of justified pricing. If all that was not enough, the expected entry of CS series and the return of NS series would have stopped many from choosing a RS200 in place.

Bajaj Auto may even use the same production line for CS, NS series and justify the sales of the overall Pulsar brand in a better way. June 2016 would decide whether a new Pulsar makes it successfully into the market or make people wait more for the coming months for their perfect Pulsar.

New shades, sticker free body and some attractive offers may ignite the sales for the company in the coming months.