Auto Expo 2016: DSK Benelli Showcase T-135, BX 250, Tornado 302 and TRK 502

DSK Benelli is all ready for the coming year and displayed 4 of its best products at the auto expo 2016. These are all from different segments and would help in expanding the Benelli roots in the country.


The naked Tornado T 135 uses a 12.5 BHP engine and comes with 12 inch tyre size. The baby motorcycle is a good one as it uses a 780 mm of comfortable seat height.

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The 250 cc motorcycle offers a SUV like 277 mm of ground clearance. It produces 25 BHP and 21 NM of torque.

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Tornado 302

The twin cylinder sport bike is good for 36 BHP and 27 NM of torque. It is expected to launch this year.

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TRK 502

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