Audi A8L Extended with 6 Doors Revealed

The length of luxury from Audi has finally been revealed with the new Audi A8 L Extended measuring 6360 mm in length, providing a wheelbase of 4220 mm. The normal A8 measures 1090 mm less when compared in terms of wheelbase of the car.

Made with the Audi space frame design, the car has nearly been made all out of aluminum. Stretching the same took a lot of precision as the roofline has been kept uninterrupted. The people inside the car are not facing each other while they have been provided with the most possible luxury in terms of seats, roof and the continuous center console handling individual AC controls and entertainment.

The car takes 7.1 seconds for a 0-100 kmph while it’s 2418 kg body weight is upheld by 3.0 TFSI V6 producing 310 Hp and 440 Nm of torque. This one of its kind Audi has been specially made on request from a customer from Europe and we can expect more units to be ordered soon, if the company wishes to make it real for sure.