Airtel Offers Apple iPhone 7 from INR 19,990 with 1 Year Contract

Airtel is offering a solution to buy the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, without paying the full amount in advance. The customer will get the iPhone 7 by paying just INR 19,990 and signing a contract for using the Airtel’s monthly infinity plans. The overall initial cost gets lowered by 66 percent while user gets the benefits from various plans costing INR 1999, INR 2499 and INR 2999 respectively.

In addition to the plan benefits, user gets 10 GB of 4G/3G data per month for next 1 year. The INR 19,990 tag is for 32 GB iPhone 7 while for higher variants, the prices are increased by adding up to the balloon value, which is again an amount to be paid if the customer wishes to keep the iPhone after 1 year contract.

Source - Airtel offers iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus in India starting at Rs. 19990 with 12-month contract