Airbus to test a flying car proto-type by the end of 2017

Airbus is one of the largest civil aircrafts manufacturers in the world. The company has decided to go a little ahead of it’s current projects with the ambition to build a flying car.

Company’s Chief Executive, Tom Enders made an announcement that Airbus will start testing their flying car prototype by the end of 2017. The company formed an in-house division called Urban air mobility. Under that division the concept of building a flying car, came to the picture. And the division has been working on a helicopter-style urban transport car which can carry multiple passengers.

Also the models will be based on a vertical take-off and landing technology ( VTAL ). The technology will also help the vehicle to function in city crowded areas. If the project is successful, this company will be the first to achieve such an innovation. If everything goes as planned, the airbus production will come to the floors by 2021.

While many of the proto-types of flying cars have been tested in the past, none of them have been successful. Although many of the commercial vehicle companies have shown a keen interest in this particular innovation. Even Google’s co-founder Larry Page has shown his interest in the flying cars, investing millions in various start-ups.

Also there is news that many Chinese companies have developed the technology for flying cars and helmed proto-types for it but there is no confirmation on the front. And just the fact that Airbus is an aviation company, it makes it easier to develop a flying car using the technology they have.