After Volkswagen Scandal, All Diesel Cars to be Checked in India

Cheating on emission norms would result in a big loss to Volkswagen worldwide. They will pay billions in fines and the loss to the environment will still be irreversible. The government is ready to check all the cars from every manufacturer in order to get the correct values from their respective engines.

The basic check would be kept on diesel cars as emission values are generally higher in their case. Volkswagen currently has accepted the mistake and plans to recall around 3,23,700 cars in the country. The recall can prevent further damage but the time those cars have been smoking NOx into the environment cannot be reversed.

The emission cheating scandal is the second of its kind in India and government wants to stop all this from happening again in the country. The whole process would take 3-6 months for completion and those found guilty would face a strict action in the near future.