About 59% Of Indians Never Got Through A Driving Test

The Indian system seems far from reformed even after 70 years of Independence. Road safety carelessness is also very common in the country. The system is faulty and is plagued with corruption. Although the practice of bribery is widely condemned but it still happens for the most part. Save Life Foundation has also come up with a similar survey which is put some light on the topic.

According to the survey it has been found that 6 out of 10 Indians who get a driving license have never undergone a driving test. Some more numbers have come up from the city of Agra. It was found that as many as 88% people in the city have not gone through any driving test before getting a license. The situation is not good even in the big cities. The number of people who give the driving test a miss is as much as 54%. The never further raises to 64% in Jaipur, the Pink City.

The reality has been spoken and even this situation can be clearly seen with the increase in the number of accidents. This is because of lack of training and education amongst the drivers in the country. The survey also found out that about 80% of the road drivers and 82% of the pedestrian felt unsafe while driving on the roads. Further the reports have shown that about half the people on the roads have witnessed a fatal road accident.

Moreover they said that about 31% of people had one of their family member fatally injured and as many as 16% of the people have seen the death of a family person on streets. It is a very common trend for touts at RTO offices to get a free license to people in exchange for a free which is a bribe distributed in the system. In this way people get through the process of getting a license without actually going through a driving test.

This is the sad statistics. I passed my driving test from the first trial. And now I’m looking for my first car using this auto portal. So I hope my driver’s license will come in handy soon:)

I agree with you! System is completely responsible for this! Government should make an only system by which an Individual can apply for DL. After applying, only Government should call that Individual for driving test and issue DL accordingly!

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