Aamir Khan's Brand New Ride: A Visually Customized Bajaj V15

Carrying metal from the INS Vikrant, Bajaj V has been seen as a patriotic symbol from the first day. Recently, Aamir Khan, one of the greatest Indian actors, booked a Bajaj V15. On knowing that the order belongs to him, Rajiv Bajaj, Managaing Director of Bajaj Auto, personally customized the motorcycle for the actor and delivered the same himself.

The V15 for Aamir Khan had the first alphabet of his name ‘a’ written on the fuel tank graphics while the rear cowl of the bike has the inscription ‘Chote Lal’ in a designed manner. Bajaj Auto’s also posted a new documentary named ‘Sons of Vikrant’ on order to pay the tribute to the great soldiers of the Indian Force.

Source - Aamir Khan becomes a proud owner of Bajaj V; motorcycle visually customised for the actor | Motoroids