60 GM Dealerships Closed Due To Losses In India

General Motors have been facing a lot of issues related to low sales in the past. The current scenario is taking back the company into the same era again as sales of Chevrolet has gone considerably down in the last few years. The products are getting heavily aged and their popularity has not been sustained for a very long time.

The car maker just sold 19,299 units in last 6 months (April-September). This only makes 15 units per dealership every month. The expenses of running a dealership needs a far more stretched sales number and if this goes on, the company would suffer a huge loss.

GM announced that they will invest INR 6400 Crore and bring 10 new products to the country very soon. The recently sold products include Beat, Sail, Tavera, Cruze and Trailblazer.

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