5 Tips To Improve The Mileage Of Your Bike

The rising fuel prices are something beyond our control but with the aid of the following tips and tricks, you can definitely improve the mileage of your bike.

1) Get your bike serviced timely

This is the first and foremost step to make sure that your bike returns you what you expect till a longer period of time. Like our body needs care and support to work, same is the case with your bike. If you just keep on running it against the odds, it will shut one day. So, get your bike serviced properly as advised by the dealer.

  • Make sure the engine is clean as it will return you with good power and of course a better mileage. Good service includes changing the engine oil after 3000 km or 3 months. Prefer using the same grade oil which is preferred by the company.
  • Maintaining tyre pressure and keeping it inflated is another way to make your bike work smoothly and efficiently.
  • Also make sure the chain and sprocket are properly cleaned and lubricated after 2000km.
  • The carburetor(float chamber, Jets) and spark plug should also be cleaned after every 2000Kms.

2) Always fill the fuel tank of your bike with superior quality fuel

What if you feed your body with contaminated food? You can well imagine what your body will begin to behave like within few days?

Same is the case with the bike. Petrol is the real food of the bike. Don’t just pump fuel in it, make sure what you feed it with is of high quality. You may have to struggle a bit in finding a good petrol pump for this but the struggle would be worth.

  • Good quality petrol will always keep the engine in good condition thereby increasing the fuel economy of the bike.

3) Avoid rash riding

Riding at a constant speed of 40-55 kmph will return you with a decent mileage. Rash riding or accelerating unnecessarily just for fun will never help you in getting a good mileage from your bike.

  • So, remember this next time when you are on the road. A decent speed will always lead to a decent mileage.

4) Take the roads with less traffic

Traffic and traffic jams will result into more braking and the acceleration returning you a less fuel economy. So, choose roads and pathways where there is less possibility of traffic.

  • In case you get stuck in a traffic halt and the waiting time is above 40 seconds, then don’t forget to switch off the engine.

5) Take care of the mechanics

By mechanics, I don’t mean any rocket science here. You just need to check few things so that they may not affect the bike’s fuel economy.

  • Make sure you clean and adjust the bike’s chain on timely basis.
  • While you are riding the bike don’t press the rear brake pedal because it will stop the rear tyre thereby increasing the pressure on engine resulting into reduced fuel economy. Also, prefer running the engine in higher gears.
  • Don’t park your motorcycle in sunlight as it will only result in evaporation of the petrol.
  • Tuning the carburetor properly will also improve the mileage of the bike. Re-tune the carbonator, in case you face any problem with the mileage.

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