2016 Mobile World Congress: Complete List of New Mobile Phones

Mobile World Congress, the ongoing mobile show in Barcelona will come to a grand ending today. Revealing a lot about the upcoming trends, the show has brought few world class products being discussed all around the world. Every brand is trying it’s best to reach the top and this time, the products have the potential to keep people bound throughout the upcoming year.

Here is a brand wise, complete list of new mobile phones being announced as well as launched at the MWC 2016.

  • Samsung

Bringing the best possible machine for the world, Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were one of the most attractive pieces of technology on the show. Improved battery, better quality and much better performance makes both the phones a super star over the last generation of Galaxy flagship.

Galaxy S7 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/samsung/galaxy-s7

Galaxy S7 Edge - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Features, Specifications, Details

  • LG

A competition to the premium phones, G5 comes with it’s unique styling and a great package in just 5.3 inch touchscreen.

G5 - LG G5 Features, Specifications, Details

  • Sony

Sony presented a nearly identical set of phones with a wide option of outer colors and power packed performance.

Xperia X Performance - Sony Xperia X Performance Features, Specifications, Details

Xperia X - Sony Xperia X Features, Specifications, Details

Xperia XA - Sony Xperia XA Features, Specifications, Details

  • HTC

HTC brought a set of 3 Desire smartphones along with the One X9 at the MWC 2016. X9 features a good set of specifications including its 2.2 GHz Octa Core processor.

Desire 530 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/htc/desire-530

Desire 630 - HTC Desire 630 Features, Specifications, Details

Desire 825 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/htc/desire-825

One X9 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/htc/one-x9

  • Xiaomi

Running MIUI 7 on the top of Android 6.0, Xiaomi Mi 4S comes with additional features like quick charge 2.0 and 64 GB of internal memory. The flagship Mi5 comes with 5.2 inch quad HD display with a great snapdragon 820 processor.

Mi 4S - Xiaomi Mi 4S Features, Specifications, Details

Mi 5 - Xiaomi Mi 5 Features, Specifications, Details

  • Gionee

Gionee’s S8 features a 5.5 inch Full HD Amoled display with 3D touch and 2.5D arc glass. It comes in Rose Gold, Grey and Gold shade with a price tag of $494. This seems quite expensive as similar phones with quad HD screen are existing in this segment.

S8 - Gionee S8 Features, Specifications, Details

  • Lenovo

Lenovo Vibe series now gets two more options by the name K5 and K5 Plus. Powered by nearly the same hardware, both the phones have different screen resolutions and a bit change in their processor models.

Vibe K5 - Lenovo Vibe K5 Features, Specifications, Details

Vibe K5 Plus - Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Features, Specifications, Details

  • Archos

Diamond series from Archos receives a great pair of smartphones by the name Diammond 2 Plus and Note. Both phones are powered by Octa core 64 bit processors whereas the Note version gets more RAM, internal storage and a quick charge option.

Diamond 2 Note - Archos Diamond 2 Note Features, Specifications, Details

Diamond 2 Plus - Archos Diamond 2 Plus Features, Specifications, Details

  • Alcatel

Alcatel had the most number of products at the MWC 2016. Two were based on the series Idol (4 and 4S) whereas 3 are from the Pop series (4, 4+ and 4S). Visually similar, all the phones from both the series have variable specifications and price range.

Idol 4 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/alcatel/onetouch-idol-4

Idol 4S - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/alcatel/onetouch-idol-4s

Pop 4 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/alcatel/onetouch-pop-4

Pop 4 Plus - Alcatel OneTouch Pop 4+ Features, Specifications, Details

Pop 4S - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/alcatel/onetouch-pop-4s

  • Cat

Cat provides a rugged smartphone named S60 to the people at MWC 2016. The phone comes with a 4.5 inch HD screen and a certified protection from falls, salt water, humidity, solar radiation, vibration and thermal shock.

S60 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/cat/s60

  • ZTE

Blade V7 and V7 Lite provides two different views of smartphone usage. those who use less can go with the Lite version having lower screen resolution and other features whereas hardcore users have the option of Blade V7.

Blade V7 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/zte/blade-v7

Blade V7 Lite - ZTE Blade V7 Lite Features, Specifications, Details

  • Panasonic

The fight in the tough phone category gets more interesting with Panasonic introducing 2 rugged models with quite an expensive price tag ($1,499). Protection parameters include MIL-STD-810G validation and a 1D/2D barcode reader. One comes with windows 10 whereas the other uses android as its operating system.

Toughpad FZ-F1 - Panasonic Toughpad FZ-F1 Features, Specifications, Details

Toughpad FZ-N1 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/panasonic/toughpad-fz-n1

  • HP

Elite X3 from HP packs window 10 as its OS and provides high end specifications like 4GB of RAM and TB microSD card support. The phone comes with a 5.96 inch quad HD screen.

Elite X3 - HP Elite X3 Features, Specifications, Details

  • Acer

Acer’s next generation smartphones named Zest and Jade 2 serves 2 different worlds. Jade 2 comes with high end specifications like Snapdragon 808 processor whereas Zest uses 1.3 GHz quad core for its processing duties.

Liquid Zest - Acer Liquid Zest Features, Specifications, Details

Liquid Jade 2 - Acer Liquid Jade 2 Features, Specifications, Details

  • General Mobile

Retailing for $305, the 5.5 inch smartphone with gorilla glass 4 uses a snapdragon 617 processor and full HD IPS display.

GM 5 Plus - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/general-mobile/gm-5-plus

  • Obi

The phone comes with 2 variants with different RAM’s whereas rest reamins totally the same. The 1 GB RAM version sells for $139 whereas 2 GB RAM costs $149. Other features include a HD display with Snapdragon 212 processor and 4G connectivity.

MV1 - http://mobiles.maxabout.com/obi/worldphone-mv1